Connect is the first word in our name for a good reason. That’s because we believe without having a connection to your past data, you can’t understand how to improve your future. Analyzing data drives improvement. And at CDO Squared, we connect you with a full suite of services to help your medical business run better. Whether your organization is a clinic, hospital, nursing facility or ambulance provider the core of your medical businesses will thrive based on connections to your customers, partners and vendors.


The CDO Squared Dashboard gives you visibility to your CAD, ePCR and billing data in an instant. Monitors charges, payments, account receivables, collection result and more. Stay alert to collection results, changes in payments, receivables--even the productivity of your staff.

  • Connects you to CAD, ePCR and billing data
  • Reveals your charges, payments and adjustments
  • Shows your accounts receivable and collection results
  • Reveals your staff productivity
  • Monitors activity by facility, payers and lines of business


Connect to the CDO Squared Smart-Cloud for the data you need. Now you can have instant access to data from hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. All this makes ordering your services easier. And since CDO Squared accurately converts data from disparate systems, it provides full audit-trail accountability.

  • Connect to Hospitals to exchange patient data
  • Provides patient data from nursing homes and assisted living
  • Allows easier ordering of your services
  • Converts data from disparate systems with full audit accountability


Having access to your revenue cycle management (RCM) data has never been easier or more convenient. With CDO Squared’s advanced vital monitoring system you can stay on top key performance indicators any time--any place.

  • Have quick access to your vital RCM key performance indicators
  • Connect your business data to mobile devices
  • See daily flash reports and graphics to spot activities and trends
  • Access data anywhere in the world via smartphone or tablet


CDO Squared provides a turnkey approach to all your billing and RCM needs. Connects to payers and third parties. Exclusive CDO Squared Predictive Analytics monitors data and provides increased accountability so you collect more with less effort.

  • Handles all your billing and RCM needs through connections to payers and 3rd parties
  • Connects and imports from popular dispatch or ePCR systems
  • Increases accountability for billing on every trip
  • Monitors payer fee schedules with exclusive CDO2 Predictive Analytics
  • Provides paperless integrated document management
  • Tracks benefits and handles authorizations with CDO2’s simple yet powerful system


Ambulance Billing/EMS Billing (New)

The team of experts at CDO Squared has been helping healthcare organizations with Revenue Cycle Management, Data Integration, Managed Care and Compliance challenges for decades. Now, CDO introduces Ambulance Billing solutions that bring powerful tools that have served healthcare clients of all sizes and focus on best practices for process management, workflow technology and data analytics to achieve maximum results. EMS Billing and Ambulance Revenue Cycle Management is now more difficult than ever but using the CDO Squared solutons for workflow and analytics you'll maximize profits and take your efficiency to new levels.

Our Emergency Medicine Solution:
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