Develop is the second word in our name. But it could very well be the most important feature in our suite of services. Since we provide a process for you to manage your business through our visual system of data management, you develop a more profitable approach to your business—and collect more revenue in the process.


Seeing is believing. And with CDO Squared’s data-defining dashboard, you can recognize profitable payers from unprofitable payers at glance. You can see marketing opportunities and visualize ways to profitably grow your business.

  • See profitable and unprofitable payers instantly
  • Track locations and lines of business
  • Determine production by staff or equipment
  • See the activity by your facilities, payers and lines of business


Set the alerts you need to manage more profitability out of your practice. The alert system signals changes in business immediately. From past due billing, to location changes of your payers to monitoring compliance issues, you have the predictive tools to stay on top of your practices’ profitability.

  • Signals changes in business immediately
  • Provides predictive alerts
  • Alerts to the key performance indicators you choose


For over 20 years we have been building strong relationships with our customers. Through a comprehensive suite of integrated predictive tools we have helped our partners collect more revenue and drive more profitability from their practice. And as a national organization, we can meet your needs no matter where you’re located—from Florida to California and everywhere in between.

  • Building lasting relationships with partners
  • Providing tools for integrated partnering
  • Making it easier to do business with you
  • Leading the industry in your geographic area


Let our reimbursement and A/R management experts teach you how to collect the fees you are entitled to earn. With proper information, analysis and guidance, you can perform financially with the same skill and expertise you provide clinically.

  • Workflow and business process redesign for peak performance
  • Software Training
  • RCM industry training
  • Oversight Monitoring with consultant’s report


Ambulance Billing/EMS Billing (New)

The team of experts at CDO Squared has been helping healthcare organizations with Revenue Cycle Management, Data Integration, Managed Care and Compliance challenges for decades. Now, CDO introduces Ambulance Billing solutions that bring powerful tools that have served healthcare clients of all sizes and focus on best practices for process management, workflow technology and data analytics to achieve maximum results. EMS Billing and Ambulance Revenue Cycle Management is now more difficult than ever but using the CDO Squared solutons for workflow and analytics you'll maximize profits and take your efficiency to new levels.

Our Emergency Medicine Solution:
EMS2 by CDO Squared, Inc
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