Optimize is the last word in our name and the first word of increased productivity in your practice. Optimization. It’s how we drive more results to your bottom line through our predictive analytics and enhanced business process services. Armed with these tools CDO Squared takes your practice to a new level of efficiency. From tracking A/R issues to dealing with ever changing compliance issues, CDO Squared gives you the advanced visibility and reporting you need to run your practice more profitably.

Business Process

Simply stated, we enhance your business process by providing visibility to the interworking’s of your practice. Now you have the tools to identify profitable payers, analyze facilities data and determine workflow patterns and more.

  • Enhanced business development
  • Identify your most profitable payers, facilities and lines of business
  • Reengineering business process and workflow
  • Providing payer credentialing and contracting services


CDO Squared keeps you practice up to speed being able to resolve billing issues quickly. We also help you speed up your billing and collections by providing a quick turnaround on missing data required for billing. Staffing issues are also quickly addressed and analyzing the data helps you see new business opportunities. Advanced analytics. It’s what makes CDO Squared the leader in adding efficiency to medical businesses for over 20 years.

  • Analyzing activity for quick problem resolution
  • Provides missing data required for billing and collections
  • Enhances workflow for the quickest turnaround
  • Quickly address staffing issues
  • Shows your business opportunities


The CDO Squared RCM Suite provides the tools you need to optimize the amount of revenue that’s owed you. The system provides data mining, claim scrubbing and precise reporting. The system also can use HIPAA compliance to your advantage with secure information sharing.

  • Find missing information with data mining and reporting
  • Claim all your revenue with claim scrubbing
  • In-the-cloud data warehouse for minimized cost of legal records compliance
  • Take advantage HIPAA compliance with secure information sharing


With CDO squared what you see in what you get. Since now you can visualize what you’ve been missing you can demonstrate your capabilities to your vendors. And best of all prove the results and show outcomes to you partners. It’s how CDO Squared increases your value.

  • Visually demonstrate your capabilities to vendors
  • Prove your results and outcomes to partners
  • Increase your value to owners and investors


Ambulance Billing/EMS Billing (New)

The team of experts at CDO Squared has been helping healthcare organizations with Revenue Cycle Management, Data Integration, Managed Care and Compliance challenges for decades. Now, CDO introduces Ambulance Billing solutions that bring powerful tools that have served healthcare clients of all sizes and focus on best practices for process management, workflow technology and data analytics to achieve maximum results. EMS Billing and Ambulance Revenue Cycle Management is now more difficult than ever but using the CDO Squared solutons for workflow and analytics you'll maximize profits and take your efficiency to new levels.

Our Emergency Medicine Solution:
EMS2 by CDO Squared, Inc
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