CDO Squared provides technical support and customer service from our Chicago area headquarters and regional branch offices located around the United States. As a customer, you’ll receive support and training from our team members with years of industry experience. The backbone of our operation revolves around our world-class data center technology that ensures security and reliability.

Whether you need phone technical support, web-based training class or on-site training sessions in your office; CDO Squared has the resources and experience to meet your needs. Work with professionals that understand your industry and your problems. As a workflow and statistics company, we track our support volumes and results to ensure the best performance for you.



Ambulance Billing/EMS Billing (New)

The team of experts at CDO Squared has been helping healthcare organizations with Revenue Cycle Management, Data Integration, Managed Care and Compliance challenges for decades. Now, CDO introduces Ambulance Billing solutions that bring powerful tools that have served healthcare clients of all sizes and focus on best practices for process management, workflow technology and data analytics to achieve maximum results. EMS Billing and Ambulance Revenue Cycle Management is now more difficult than ever but using the CDO Squared solutons for workflow and analytics you'll maximize profits and take your efficiency to new levels.

Our Emergency Medicine Solution:
EMS2 by CDO Squared, Inc
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